Topic: Night Court (2023)

It's simple fun, that does a very good job staying true to it's predecessor.
The show has a great cast with Melissa Rauch for the lead and John Larroquette who is reprising his role from the original series.
I especially like that they haven't made any big changes to the court room and keep the influence of technology to an absolute minimum.

If you are looking for an easy laugh, it's definitely worth a watch.

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Re: Night Court (2023)

That was painful... does John Larroquette need money?! I know Melissa Rauch needs a job that movie she did was not very good. But Larroquette is an American Treasure!

Listen I will quit my job to be your agent John, it's nuts this is what you get!

How can your agent not be sellin' gold to folks addicted to money... seriously Hollywood what ARE y'all doin'?