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This gripping thriller explores the surprising and fraught relationship between two women who play a deadly game of truth and lies on the road from Istanbul to Paris and London. One woman has a secret, the other a mission to reveal it before thousands of lives are lost.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGMmFC_GpXc

Looks interesting, but her English accent is a bit hard to listen to.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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Yeah, interesting indeed! The accent didn't bother me. smile


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Couldn't even get all the way through the first episode.
Very slow and boring.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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That is ve(il)ry disappointing to read...

Given that the show at least has a 6.4/10 @ IMDb, I might still give it a shot some day.


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I really enjoyed the first two episodes and I'm looking forward to watching the third today.

I wouldn't call it slow at all.

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1st halve of episode 1 starts with over a dozen smoking-scenes, most closeup and where smoking or antisocial smoking behavior is the only content presented!
Tthat not just disturbinglyannoying but rather disgusting, especially since no apparent reason is noticeable - aside from tobacco lobbyism WTF!!! Even the recap shows her smoking as something "important"

... but even without that, drama, script, dialogues and character built up - are all over the place... so wrong, absurd and boring
Elisabeth Moss seems to be supposed to depict some kind of female 007, well with the right writing & directing she might even pull that off - but not in this show, i was only instantly reminded of idiot-kostner idiotic-waterworld idiot-"smoker"-badasses, just annoyingly embarrassing ^^

... skipped through E02+03, no improvement, seems to even get worse -> so OFF it goes big_smile

its "bad", no recommendation here