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Topic: Elsbeth

I was glad to see Elsbeth is still her quirky,ADHD, smart and loveable character. The first episode was very good. Is Carrie going to be joining the show? They brought up his name a couple of times. That would be awesome.


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After three episodes I am still not sure if this show is any good.

I don't like how a show, that describes itself as police drama, portrays every detective, that is working the current case, as completely incompetent.
Rather than having Elsbeth working with the same beat cop every time, they could have her work closely with the detectives in each case - this would also make a lot more sense since her actual job is to investigate wrongfull arrests and possible corruption.

In the first episode we at least got to see the detective do a little bit of work.
But in episode 2 & 3 she (+ beat cop) looks like the sole contributor to the investigative work.
If we see the detectives do some work, their conclusions are so narrowminded it makes me wonder how they ever closed a case in the past - mabye those are the wrongfull arrests, but that hasn't come up so far.

I get that Elsbeth has to be the one solving the cases, but most "consultant shows" do not portray the police like idiots.

For now I will continue watching, hoping that the portrayal of police work from the actual police will improve - at least for me, that is what I like about police dramas.


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Welp, didn't get better with episode 4 - still showing the cops to be complete idiots. And the case was also laughable.


After the cops discover the victims body, the captain states that Elsbeth got her wish and they will be searching both Margo and Lainey's houses. You would think that's the progress she wanted. Secons later however Elsbeth automatically assumes they will focus only on Lainey and not on Margo. Why?

What evidence does she have that the cops will completely ignore a possible suspect? Which happens to be the last person to see the person alive. Which happens to have a missing rug large enough to dispose of a body. Which happens to order a new rug the day after the victim went missing.

Later the cop says "I'd love to make that woman a suspect...but I can't do it" - why? What reasons does he have? Even though they found rug fibres in the fire place (how the f do you burn such a large rug in such a tiny fire place?!). Even though she has a history of impulse violence as can probably be concluded by her criminal record.
And of course the only evidence pointing towards the wife is found by Elsbeth...ugh. And they even state that this note is only circumstantial.
So the cop ignores the evidence he found himself and considers the circumstantial evidence Elbseth found the only possible lead...

So they find out that Margo and the victim where in the same jail cell just before his deception started...nope not enough evidence.
They find out that a brass statue is missing at Margos house, and they know that the victim was killed with something made of brass...nope not enough evidence.

So yeah, the cops obviously don't think of Margo as a suspect until Elsbeth solves the case...even the worst cop in the world wouldn't be so stupid.

This show is no longer worth my time.


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Agreed, it wore out its welcome in record time.


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Yes it has worn out its welcome for quite some time.


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That was cute... I could do for more!