Topic: Can't see the streaming service

On the website, on the episodes tab, I can use set service to show which service I am watching a show on. In the app, the services I set don't show. For example, I have added Psych to my shows, and then on episodes I have set it to show I am watching it on Amazon. But in the app, on the episodes tab is shows USA because that's where it originally aired. There is no way to have it show Amazon.

My primary reason for using an app and site like this is so I can keep track of which service the shows are on. Not being able to see that in the app makes the app pretty much useless for me.


Re: Can't see the streaming service

Yeah, the "set service" feature (as well as Tags) is not yet supported in the mobile app.

It'll come there eventually, I just can't promise when.



Re: Can't see the streaming service

Thanks for the reply!