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Topic: Gotham Knights [2023]



“Who Killed The Batman?”

In the wake of Bruce Wayne's death and unmasking, his adopted son Turner Hayes forges an unlikely alliance with runaways Harper & Cullen Row as well as the criminal Duela when they are all accused of a murder they didn't commit by district attorney Harvey Dent. While Robin might be the only one who believes in their innocents, she might not be able to save them and protect the city alone. Though perhaps together they can become Gotham Knights!

  • Turner Hayes - Bruce Wayne's adoptive son who has been framed for murder.

  • Carrie Kelley AKA 'ROBIN' -  Sidekick to the Batman in search of the culprits of her mentor's murder.

  • Duela - The Joker's daughter, a violent criminal and among those framed for murder.

  • Harper Row - A young engineer from a violent home and among those framed for murder

  • Cullen Row - Harper's streetwise brother and among those framed for murder.

  • Stephanie Brown - Turner's best friend and an expert coder.

  • Harvey Dent - District Attorney who was a close friend of Bruce Wayne and his son.

List of suspects:
Commissioner Yindel
Detective Ford
Lincoln March
Rebecca March
Brody March

or even Joe Chill

Separating an adaptation form it's source material can be difficult for fans of any story or characters which makes the jump from one medium into another, whether it novel to movie or comic book to series. As a long time reader of the BAT-Fam this reimagining was wild. And DC is still doing this odd 'erase gingers' thing it's been on forever... I mean they are only 5% of the world as it is folks (plus there are like a 1000 white folks in the BATverse however once again they choose the only ginger to change the race of... I guess we did get a blonde Spoiler even if she's not the working class hero she is in the comics).

That being as it is, I found the pilot to be alright, I can't say I love it but it has potential and I'm willing to see if it lives up to that potential or goes wild like GOTHAM did... even if I know it won't last for all that long on the CW.

Anyone else have an opinion?



Re: Gotham Knights [2023]

I watched the trailer, didn't like it.  The animation (for me) is horrendous.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


Re: Gotham Knights [2023]

I'm on the fence with this one.

Batman was never my favorite growing up, so there's that.

While I didn't hate the 1st episode, I wasn't overly impressed either.  I'll check out at least one more (possibly 2) before I totally give up or give in and watch it. 

1st episodes can be hard with trying to introduce all the characters and plot lines.


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The CW, instant no. cool


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Wizard wrote:

I watched the trailer, didn't like it.  The animation (for me) is horrendous.

Methinks you watched the game trailer (which does have pretty horrendous animation and even worse movement). This is live action and not the same bit of the batverse. But as Lighton mentioned, it's CW, so prolly best to avoid.

Having said that, the first ep wasn't bad (apart from the last five minutes). If it stayed like this i'd be elated but you can already see the seeds of CW-iness there to be retread.