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The English



The English is set in the mythic mid-American landscape in the year of 1890 and follows Cornelia Locke, an Englishwoman who arrives into the new and wild landscape of the West to wreak revenge


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A quality western, has some Tarantino vibes. Brutal and witty.

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I have only watched 2 out of 6 eps and yep  typical BBC crap. I had hoped for better given the glowing UK newspapers reviews. Since it is a short series I will stay the course in the hope that that things will get better, but this aint John Ford/John Wayne.....Atleast the fake town did not cost much to make a few wood beams and what lookslike paper or clothe. All the flitting around in time and place confusing and irritating. I bet all the different places in America were just a field away, down the road

edit  now eps5. My opinion still holds. A confusing, too complicated show with too much chat for just 6 episodes


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I watched all of it. It definitely was disturbingly evil, like really sick shit. Cannot say that I liked it much, but it was impressive.


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I thought it was pretty damned good, and definitely like no other series I've seen. More comparable to big screen stuff like No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood. Not perfect, but definitely not typical.


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There's an edge carved in every corner and that's what made this limited series stand out. I was hooked from the beginning. Despite the fact that the plot looked to be relatively straightforward, those ideas still packed a punch, and it still felt like the story could go in any direction at any time, and that's what pulled me in even further. Superb on all fronts. Great find g371, and an even better watch, +1. Definitely worth checking out.



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Great recommendation!

"Au naturel maybe, thats the way i like it. Swing low, sweet chariots." Creed Bratton


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I seem to be the only person here who does not rate it.


There were some moments ( eg Melmont all bloodied after the massacre & the black widow removing her face covering and right at the start the being drowned in a pail of water) but mostly boring.

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btw googled that supermarket in the end, it's a bs - but these Indian circus shows for real were in UK


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Gritty and life was cheap back then and usually romanticised, I liked it.


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Just watched 1x2. Solid show, 8/10.


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Finished it. Not much joy in it, but great acting. 8/10. Loved the ending. Thanks for sharing.