Re: She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

paisley1 wrote:

  Is this anything like Loki?  Loki's funny, but not a farce.  The tone doesn't work for being canon.

In 109, K.E.V.I.N. was quite enjoyable to me being Kevin Feige as well as the retro intro, but the story of the last 3 episodes went from bad to worse; worthy of being skipped and dropped.
Too bad he didn't find the humor considering the only reason to tune into this farce are the self deprecating jokes, that often didn't land.  It's not enough of a satire/farce like oh, say, Anna Faris in Scary Movie 1,2,3, (you know REALLY taking the piss out of the MCU) and at the same time, it's not MCU enough to feel any sense of urgency, which when put together, made it kinda bland and trivial, at least to me.  Would've made for a great kids cartoon instead.

Perhaps Thor: Love & Thunder is what allowed such a farce to play into the MCU?

yep. Trying to be too clever, "look at me" I dont like those shows that try to involve the audience ( This includes The Serpent Queen) or step out of the story, an easy way to waste time and remove the need for genuine content. I just dont think they really knew what to do with this show.