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Topic: 1883 [Historical Drama]



Follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. It is a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America's promised land - Montana.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]


It's a reflective retelling of settling the west with an almost Terrence Malick-esque approach; shades of The Thin Red Line and Days of Heaven, even Dances with Wolves.  I couldn't help but think Red Dead Redemption 2.  Far from the snooze fest of Yellowstone, it's forebear.  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are perfectly cast.  Isabel May is intoxicating.

Very mood dependent watch for me though.  Too slow and accurate for most peoples tastes.  Given the Brisco County Jr. avatar I've worn for the last 14 years, this show is aptly suited to me.  The reviews are amazing.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

I was deeply disappointed with this one, I could just not believe how bad this is when it has godlike reviews. I was wondering why the acting felt off, and after some research it seems they just hired some country singers to act. The whole show felt off to me. All the characters behave like it's 2022 in a 1883 setting, feels like a fantasy show. With the most annoying narrator ever.

Maybe a bit harsh to compare this to the likes of Deadwood etc, but compared, 1883 is by far inferior.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Moze wrote:

I was deeply disappointed with this one, I could just not believe how bad this is when it has godlike reviews. I was wondering why the acting felt off, and after some research it seems they just hired some country singers to act.


I discovered this show when the trailer showed up on the main page (love this discovery feature!) but decided not to add it, the trailer didn't resonate with me.

Moze wrote:

The whole show felt off to me. All the characters behave like it's 2022 in a 1883 setting, feels like a fantasy show.

Yeah, that - acting/ behaving 'back then' like some do today - can be really annoying... I had this issue in a different show.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

I'm also watching this, so far very good

btw went into rabbit hole researching if really swimming was forbidden centuries ago in Europe - time period is off, but it's true big_smile the best aspect of this - somewhere they were whipping a drowned corpse as a punishment after the fact big_smile


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]


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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

1883's use of the widescreen aspect ratio is a smart decision.  It forces production to move the camera back to get more of the environment into the frame which enhances the horizon line and vastness of the west.  It also forces the production to work harder and think critically about what should go in each scene, and how to approach it, all of which brings the viewer closer to the story.  Widescreen = More thought.

1883 is so much better than Deadwood, I kinda find comparisons sorta funny.  Movies about settling the west like Days of Heaven, Far and Away, and Dances with Wolves, are this shows progenitors.  John Adams is closer in my mind, as it's about settling a nation.  1883 is not Hell on Wheels, Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, or Deadwood, which are all localized and focused on petty small town politics, as 1883 is exploratory, survivalist, and contemplative.  It's a totally different mood.

Tom Hanks cameo in 102 was great.  With one look, we're questioning war.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Well, I cant understand how you can see it like that, the way the main cast speak to each other, reacts, looks and feels is kinda awkward and out of place. Every indian knows english, europeans are portrayed as retards.

I get that Deadwood is quite different mood wise, but it oozes quality in comparison. Especially in the acting part, and interesting characters etc. Which 1883 have none.

Sure, 1883 have some beauty shots, but that doesn't necessarily make it fun to watch.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

This show's pretty good, Deadwood was mostly great. But like Paisley1 said it's not really apt to try and make the comparison. But even if they were more similar ****ing Wu trumps everything big_smile

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

@Moze  TLDR:  1883 = Fresh air.  Deadwood = Stuffy room.

I could never cue into Deadwood.  It felt stuffy and stagnant from the start.  They made an old time period feel old.  Like a show that wasn't going anywhere.

1883 however, is a contemplative and beautifully filmed journey through the great plains and it's subject is settling the west.  It's broad in it's point of view and scope.  The depictions of pioneers and settlers are serviceable to the subject of settling the west, and can apply to all who venture into the unknown.  I also like the inertia of having a clear objective heading and purpose (like Voyager).  It's throw back and reminiscent of classic TV like Lonesome Dove and Dr. Quinn, but with way better production.  It's not preachy.  All of that pulls me into it and keeps me watching.  Deadwood is so different, it does not play on that level or in that way.

My main complaint with 1883 would be the lack of backstory in the pilot, that is, why are our characters where they are?  It threw me into this story without enough explanation, so I've taken the approach of, wait and see, instead of give me more answers, and I think that's the approach the producers are asking you to take, because this isn't just about the main characters, it's about everyone in history who made this journey.

If this were just about the Dutton's they would've called it that, but they didn't, they called it 1883.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

I like how Europeans are portrayed - imo, it's way more realistic that people like that left their homes and took their chances than what we usually see that already cowboys and Bear Grylls came off the boat by some miracle. Some gypsies and attitude towards them in the mix also a nice touch. By default all westerns a romanticised, in reality often there was misery and death and I totally believe that people on trips like these were dying like a flies. Even today an average hipster would shit himself with the latest camping and survival gear big_smile I have seen how a hand saw is given to a 25 years old guy and he had no clue what it is and what to do with it.

Also I cannot tell aparat how they speak English, but what is cool that these imigrants speak German and Russian (that piano guy was objecting in a clean Russian).

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

105, one of the best episodes of television I've seen in years.  Raw and emotionally captivating.

@g371 Haha, Bear Grylls, that's funny.  I agree on all counts. 

I don't understand the complaint some people are having about the accents in this show.  Deadwood has fake accents that are hammed up ie, Timothy Olyphant.  1883 is genuine.  Viewers have it backwards.  Perhaps, television and movies have twisted it in peoples minds, with art imitating life confusing what people sounded like in the time period.  Nor do I find any of it awkward or out of place.  Sam Elliot and Isabel May, may get nominations.

8.7/10 on IMDB, and I happen to agree, and I don't hand those out very often.

Chicago Sun Times Review by Richard Roeper gave it 4 out of 4 stars.

One of the best lines in TV I've ever heard has got to be from the Sheriff of Fort Worth played by Billy Bob Thornton....


After he kills 10 gang members in the saloon he says, “If anyone fancies himself a gunman, you’re in the wrong town. There’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.”  lol  Judge, Jury, and Executioner.  So funny.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Yes, that was a good line big_smile I also chuckled about this one:


after father spotted that cowboy kissing his daughter

- Are you gonna shoot me?
- Thinking about it.


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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

@g371  So good.  big_smile  1883 is one of the most quotable shows I've ever watched, I have so many....


Sam Elliot drunk out of his mind trying to forget what happened to his family and he's in the saloon and shoves his gun under that guys chin and says, "I'm here looking for a reason!  You want to be my reason?"  lol

The cowboy after moonlight sonata:
"Don't you know any happy songs?"  lol

The dialogue that got to me in this last episode (105) was between Sam Elliot and Tom...

"Missin' 'em bad this mornin' huh?"
"I miss 'em bad every mornin' Tom, that ain't what's eatin' at me today."
"What's eatin' ya then?"
"We're making too many widows, too many orphans."
"We ain't makin' nothing.  Their death's ain't our fault."
"They're our responsibility that makes 'em our fault."
"How's this different than sending soldiers over a hill?  You knew they was gonna die. Never shed a tear for them?"
"The hell I didn't."

(and then they roll the intro...)

Crushed me.  So good.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Btw, regarding gypsies, we have relatively few of them, but even we have exactly same idea about them. We have this huge documented collection of a short rhymes from old times (don't think that there even is a word for it in English) - basically the best insight into history, because you can tell from them what topics were trending back then. When you search in that db a word "gypsy", you get stuff like this:

Gypsy thought me
His cheap skill
Trade horses, scam people
Roam the bushes

And bunch more like that big_smile


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

@g371  The depiction of discrimination amongst the European settlers felt accurate and genuine.  The point is that freedom is still lived under law.  Discriminate, steal, horde, make life difficult for everyone while getting to the destination and there are consequences.  They didn't realize they are all one great big team.  I enjoyed the choice of punishments; apt.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

So that one week without an aired episode was evidently enough to make me be able to drop. It's a good show, but when I went to snag the latest ep I realized I just don't care.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

106 was a middling episode that felt like an extension of 105.  Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks wife) makes a cameo.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Way too slow-paced for my liking, good to fall asleep to lol.


Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

1883 has been renewed for Season 2

https://popculture.com/streaming/news/y … ff%206666.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

bellatrix1984 wrote:

1883 has been renewed for Season 2

https://popculture.com/streaming/news/y … ff%206666.

That is great to hear.


It's kind of a spoiler.   Atleast now I know after 109, that Elsa won't be "pushing up daisies". Kinda figured that wasn't going to happen anyway wink

Last episode,, Closing edit::


Well damn,, didn't see that coming. Heart crushing ending..  S1x100, The Special production episode, helped to ease the pain.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Finally got around to finishing this.  110, so sad, so depressing, and really felt belaboured. 

Graham Greene makes a cameo, which was great to see, love him, he used to do the stand up circuit years ago, and the last thing I remember him in was Rains Fall in Red Dead Redemption 2.  A true Canadian icon.



Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

In the beginning of the first episode I see the MTV-logo and hear "M T V"....and I thought...oh god no...I did NOT expect this from MTV, I really didnt. Just finished binging. This is THE best I've seen since Lonesome Dove. If you feel its to slow these types of series just isnt for you, they are ment to be "slow". 5/5 from me without a doubt.

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Re: 1883 [Historical Drama]

Sam Elliot | Best Actor in a TV Movie or Limited Series | Screen Actors Guild Award Winner

He was so good in this series, and not only nominated like I thought, but won the SAG award.  Some of his scenes just crushed me.