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Re: Naomi (2022)

mrverene wrote:

Things eventually happened, but nothing particularly interesting,


she's a Mary-Sue

mostly the usual CW tripe, and fortunately too late to get it a second season despite unresolved ending. With 3 of these shows ending and only Gotham Knights to replace them I'm hoping they'll keep them down to a manageable level.

is there really a need for spoilers. No one cares about this show. I would just like to know if any thing happened so I DON'T have to watch it my self. So I take it is over? This show has achieved some thing here? NO ONE here likes it?


Re: Naomi (2022)

On the off chance someone cares I'll spoiler tag it, but yes it's over and no, you don't need to bother.


Turns out Zumbado was a friend of her parents and was watching over her. Her adoptive parents were also from Earth 29 but had no powers and kidnapped her to our earth to hide her. The big bad from there is trying to capture/kill her because she's supposedly powerful enough to defeat him and restore that earth. They basically ass around in usual CW fashion for most of the season with a bounty hunter of the week coming for her and a bunch of discussion of who gets to go into dangerous situations and omg lying. She slowly discovers various powers and we're left to wonder what exactly her power set is because we're never really sure. Does she have weather powers? Telekenesis? By the end we learn that was a stupid question as she basically has any power that's plot convenient plus all of Superman's, plus she can make red flowers grow which is somehow the key to reviving earth 29. She has a boss battle with the big bad and loses but he's scared of her because she could beat him eventually.

Now that I look at what I've written it probably sounds more interesting than it actually was watching. Keep in mind there were heavy doses of CW dorkiness and facepalm moments throughout.


Re: Naomi (2022)

It's a shame this show was canceled before it really had the chance to get going... but such are the fortunes of TV wink