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Topic: Dickinson

A 19th century period drama, which explores the world of writer Emily Dickinson as she begins her career.

I like following up the shows actors have starred in and having noted Hailee Steinfeld who gave an attractive & striking presence in Hawkeye I found this show which ended after 3 seasons this year.  She stars as Emily Dickenson. It is very much ( but not so extreme) in the "The Great" style of story telling, not  aiming to be 100% accurate. The eps are just 30 minutes long.


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I loved this show! I loved how they blended historical drama with present day. The youth spoke present day speech and the songs were too. The older people spoke in old english. It made for a fun story. The guy who played death was awesome! I highly rec. this show.


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Started watching S01E01, intro music pretty sure woke my neighbors, subwoofer blasted so hard big_smile