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Topic: XML and registration

I sent some feedback with the form about the XML thingy but decided to post it here too so it can be discussed.

The watchlist should be available as XML (or some other as easily parseable format) with the next episode of each show and the air dates. This way it can be used in all kinds of things that make life more easy smile. Samurize would be a good example of this. Personally, I would take the data and make a neat little list out of it on a page in my intranet. This would probably also reduce the used bandwidth of the site (no need to send all the HTML, CSS, images and all that).

Another thing, the login to the main site and the forums should use the same user database so multiple registrations wouldn't be required.

Thanks for this very useful site! smile

Edit: Oh and the data in XML should be as universal as possible (ie. no formatted dates, express it as seconds since the epoch and in UTC, or better yet, in the timezone the user has specified in the settings). Just a thought I had when replying to another thread smile

Re: XML and registration

I second that - a RSS feed would be great smile Although I rather go directly to the side to check the news... wink


Re: XML and registration

BlackBox wrote:

a RSS feed would be great smile

What would you suggest should be available as a RSS feed? I think the only practical area would be the news and the today's/tomorrow's/yesterday's episode lists. The watchlist would add a new entry to the feed every time the previous episode is aired (when starts showing the date for the next episode), which might not be very useful to get via RSS. The today's/tomorrow's/yesterday's lists should be sent as separate feeds as otherwise every episode would add three entries to the feed (one when it's on the tomorrow's list, another one when it's on the today's list etc.).

Re: XML and registration

Ah finally a request I can deny smile)))
well, first of all, there isn't a way to put the stuff in RSS like you imagine it. I mean it's practically impossible (like dOb mentioned). Second - if I somehow manage to do that, noone will ever visit the page again, so .... you know ... kinda negative from my point of view.
About the forum and site registrations/login I agree, I'll think of something, not very soon though smile