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Topic: Has next episode been hacked?

Hello Santa,
I noticed this link in my notifications: https://next-episode.net/fun
The site is suggesting a new show called Fun by CBS.
Is this normal or has the site been hacked?



Re: Has next episode been hacked?

Looks like something weird is going on... santah will probably reply shortly.


Re: Has next episode been hacked?

That Awesome Facts app is something santah made years ago, if I recall correctly. No hack but something fucky perhaps...

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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Re: Has next episode been hacked?

Yeah, not hacked.

/fun was reserved for this page with some stuff I made many years ago and was now mixed up with the 'Fun' TV series which got the same URL.

I'm keeping it just for consistency's sake and not to break any links from the news archive smile

I've now updated the show URL and the site notifications and added clarification about it on the /fun page.



Re: Has next episode been hacked?

Ah, thanks for making that page more clear. smile