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Re: The Mosquito Coast [Drama, Action, Adventure]

graybags wrote:

I briefly read the plot to the book last night.  Seems this show isn't related to the book at all, other than the names of the characters.  Shame really, I just don't understand why they do that.  Just call it something else!

This whole project is a family affair where the writers of the teleplay are working with the author of the novel and his nephew (Paul and Justin Theroux), to create a modern take that may be more palatable to current audiences who don't know the book, and add some suspense and mystery for readers who do, so they have to call it The Mosquito Coast.

If and when they dish the backstory, we'll find out if this fresh take was worth it.  So far it's enjoyable and intriguing, but I think in the end this is 'one and done' television I'll never re-watch.