Topic: Multiple "Episodes" lists

Episodes is really useful and do not want to lose that functionality, but it would be great if once it has appeared in that queue, I could dismiss each episode-one-by-one-into separate queues of my own labelling: e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Paramount+, etc, but still have an "All" option that shows every unwatched episode as now.
This way I get to know every episode as it arrives, can know every unwatched episode, but equally I can know where I can actually watch them.
Alternatively-even better-let us identify each streaming service that we subscribe to and identify where we can watch each episode and warn us when we are about to lose access.


Re: Multiple "Episodes" lists

You can already do that, through Tags!

Simply create some tags (netflix, amazon etc) and assign them to your shows.

Then, those will be neatly organized in a list under each tag in the Episodes page ...

Also, you can manually assign streaming services to your shows in there.

Try it out.



Re: Multiple "Episodes" lists

Works like a charm. Thanks.