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Topic: Calendar subscription

Hello, there. Don't know if this has been posted before—if yes, please merge the topics—, but similar to the RSS feeds that are regularly updated based on the user's show selections, it would also be great to have a calendar subscription per user: import an ics file into your calendar app, and it automatically fetches the latest schedule from next-episode, and every episode entry would have a link to the site for more info. At the moment, it seems like we can only export a static ics with the schedule for the next month or so, but we would have to repeat that regularly. A calendar with remote connection & continuous updates would have some added value, I think.

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Re: Calendar subscription

Well, we can possibly strike that again… my calendar app (BusyCal on macOS) can definitely access the ics URL available in Next Episode's calendar under export.

But will this be updated continuously using that URL?


Re: Calendar subscription

JossB wrote:

But will this be updated continuously using that URL?

Yep, it should be!