Topic: end of season

so who thinks what?

i think elliot and JD will kiss... maybe do the dirty, but then after realise they made a mistake and then go back to Kim and ethan (i mean the hotness that is keith)

Although i always liked JD and Elliot as a couple better



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I think: haven't they decided about 3 times already that they're not right for each other? Seems quite odd that they got together again...


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actually youre right... now that you mention it it did seem quite final ... with that episode when JD says... i realise i just dont love her..... the one with shaun the dolphin trainer or whatever


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are the writers trying to be all mystical and point out the fact we are all doomed to repeat the same mistakes over, i doubt it is probably more to do with the fact that the perfect way to end the final season is with Turk and Carla and JD and Elliot in relavent coupling  with each other, leaving the viewer with a warm feeling inside and a nice bookmark ending.

however, i'd rather see JD with the mother of his child and Elliot with the man who truly loves her in every way.

oh and my choice for the final episode next season is a future shot, end on the penultimate episode and then close things off with a and this is where they end up finish