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The Crown has had an entire cast 'refresh' to reflect the jump forward in time, but the Cast picture on the page are still showing the original cast pictures with the new name (so they're all on there twice). If you go to the page for the (new) actor, it also shows the picture of the original actor for that roll. I.E the 'known for' picture for Olivia Coleman shows a picture of Claire Foy.

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I suppose it's a hard one for this particular show where the cast changes on a season by season basis, but the characters stay the same.

Not sure if it's possible, but maybe renaming the character names as "Queen Elizabeth II (s1)", "Queen Elizabeth II (s2)", etc...

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".

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It's listed the same on TVMaze (where we get the cast from):

Not much we can do about it unless they change the way they list them ...

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Interesting, though I see that the image for the show itself must come from somewhere else, as the one they have there is different (though both are 'correct'). It looks like it would be a good idea to get the show image from there as well as the cast images, as I've noticed a number of the images here are wrong or out of date, for instance, the 2016 remake of Roots uses the image from the 1977 original (with a VERY young Levar Burton), and Doctor Who uses an image foregrounding Matt Smith who left the show in 2013. There have been 2 new doctors since he was in the role. Doctor Who does do something along the lines of what you suggested for The Crown though. The different actors playing The Doctor are distinguished by the renaming of the role with the regeneration number.

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Is it better to have the picture which features the current cast?  Personally I think so.  I guess that's a manual thing to change though and everything will constantly need monitoring and updating.

2020.  Meh.

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Yes, I agree. At the very least the pic used should be the current cast member, rather than the one that's left. It looks like the data that's being imported is where the problem is though, so not easily solved 'in house'.