Topic: DVD/HD release date (feature request)

Would it be possible to have a DVD/HD release date field for "My Movies"
Automatic lookup would be great, but a manual field would be good.

For example, A movie in my list is:
"We Are Little Zombies"
A quick google search shows this will be released on DVD on 17th of Nov.

I could quickly tell what movies in my list are out on DVD or when to expect them.


Re: DVD/HD release date (feature request)


The idea makes sense, but I'm not sure how many people will use such feature (as not many actually care about DVD releases and it'll only be a proxy for estimating the HD release date).

I'll let it sink a bit more and think about it ...

Re: DVD/HD release date (feature request)

Thanks for thinking about it smile

It is more about knowing when a high quality release will be available. (Rather than cinema release)
I usually wait for bluray release, but this is becoming harder as a lot of movies are going straight to streaming services and not being released on bluray.