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Chronically underemployed couple Jann and Cricket Melfi are self-proclaimed home renovation "experts" who are more than confident they are television's next great home design celebrity duo. The clueless pair's dreams of basic cable fame and glory are derailed when they get themselves kidnapped by members of a drug cartel and are forced to renovate their sprawling homes.


Re: Flipped [Comedy]

I wasn't sure of the Quibi concept, but here it works perfectly! With each episode only around 8 minutes in length, it's perfect for when you need to take a short break from challenging tasks, or when you just have a few minutes to enjoy a quick chuckle or two. smile

I like Kaitlin Olson from https://next-episode.net/the-mick, here she has another role that works well for her. Funny little show so far.

What surprised me the most (when composing this thread) was that the show made it onto more than 200 watchlists already! smile