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Succession follows the saga of the Roys, a fictional, American global-media family that is not only rich and powerful but also powerfully dysfunctional. The drama will explore family loyalty, international business and the perils of power in the 21st century.

Such a cascade of hilariously-deluded sibling megashits.

I see Will Ferrell listed as exec producer. Wonder if he had a part in the dialogue being so insanely spicy and hostile. Its just a torrid torrent of vicious belittlements under the guise of phoned-in filial piety.

Every time I've decided which character is the worst of the worst, another candidate will up the ante.

The Contenders:

Kendall Roy. neurotic son. a wiener inside a wiener wrapped up in wienerdom. Although he does seem to have some business acumen his uptight neurotic butthurt just makes him utterly revolting to everyone who comes into contact with him and renders him an object of enfeebled hatred. His father already saw right the fuck thru him BEFORE


the car crash

, now Dad owns him like a beta cuck cock-in-sock puppet. Surely the worst.

Romulus Roy. cannot believe that Dad is the only one so far to have just smashed him in the face. He should be copping a hiding after every 3rd sentence he's ever said. Gets COO gig,


walks into office, looks at computer for 3 seconds, bored immediately, lies on floor, bored, so pulls the blinds and proceeds to stimulate himself to issue against the window pane.

Surely the worst.

Logan the Dad.
falling the fuck apart. whether or not his new foreign goldigger wife, who the kids all obviously hate, is going to roger the whole lot of them up the arse, is the key intrigue of the entire series i reckon

Shiv. deadshit. I'm still unclear why she wants to marry ghastly Tom. That scene in the


limo when she offered Gil hand sanitizer after he shook hands with the working class sealed her status as

surely the worst.

Connor. totally deluded nutjob. thick as pigshit and a terrible human being. His GF, the birdbrained teenage ex-hooker who hates him haha. Surely he is the worst

Connor's GF: the "playwright", we only got one glimpse of her writing "talent" when she scribbled out MoLesters hilariously soulless eulogy

Re: Succession

Yeah, it's a pretty good show... I'm still in season 1 though, other shows have to be watched too. wink