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A fictional drama that focuses on the collision and, at times, collusion between an aggressive U.S. attorney in New York and some of the richest hedge fund billionaires in the country.

Oh man, no thread for this thing here? Brody from Homeland, Jax missus from Sons of Anarchy and, most egregiously, Stan and his girlfriend, both from "The Americans". Hope they have a scene together, just to shatter the mental illusionary delusional rubric of inter-show casting.

GREAT show, all coarse wolf of wall st types vs egomaniac lawyers/feds. The best part is I dont need to look at poor people and hear about their trifling shitty humanity. It's pure escapism into the rarefied realms of 7 million dollar day attila the stockbroker sorts


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Season: 5

Date: Sun Sep 05, 2021.

That being, tomorrow. It's kind of suffered over the last couple of seasons, dropped the ball a bit and been usurped in the Bastard Stakes by "Succession".

I'd say the reason is the dialogue is too Sorkiny-samey where everyone is an impossibly glib font of pop culture references and overbearing self-assuredness.


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LOL some fantastic


comeuppance for current baddie Mike Prince in ep 1.

"Mike Prince" LOL, more like Martin Prince.


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Is anyone else still watching this show?
Season 6 has gone down hill so much, it's dropped off a cliff.  I am ready to drop this


DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


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For reasons I don't recall I've decided against watching Billions back then. That reminds me, I still need to finish watching https://next-episode.net/succession ...


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I've watched Seasons 1-4. I thought it was a good show. I thought the they/them/theirs character was annoying as hell tho. So that already took it downhill from me. I was about to get ready to watch again from Season 5. But maybe I shouldn't bother considering what you say about season 6.


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It went kinda downhill from s4-6. But agreed about the annoying trans character.


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I dropped it halfway through season 4, that's when it started going downhill imo.


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Wizard wrote:

Is anyone else still watching this show?
Season 6 has gone down hill so much, it's dropped off a cliff.  I am ready to drop this

Off a cliff? It's a few meters away from the ocean floor. Still watching it though. wink



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Starting a new thread can happen when people don't post their link in https://forum.next-episode.net/viewtopic.php?id=9954 (the search isn't perfect). wink

I merged both threads now, thanks for posting.


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Renewed for Season 7.

Still following these rich arseholes.

This episode was mental where they detailed the cost of what each rich dickhead was wearing:


Just did my own detailed analysis:

Plain T-shirt (ebay): $3
Shorts (Amazon): $15
Wristwatch ($1 Dollar Shop): $1
Jandals ($1 Dollar Shop): $1

Total: $20.