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This is set in the 25th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul itself is transferable from one body to the next. Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite interstellar warrior known as an Envoy who has been imprisoned for 500 years, is downloaded into a future he'd tried to stop. If he can solve a single murder in a world where technology has made death nearly obsolete, he'll get a chance at a new life on Earth.

It's a great show that currently holds a 8.1 IMDb rating. Looking forward to season 2! smile

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I just wish the Takeshi Kovacs actor/sleeve would be the same. cool

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It's actually pretty stupid.

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Altered Carbon Season 2 was never part of the plan for showrunner Laeta Kalogridis or Netflix, but the network went ahead and renewed the series anyway. It wasn't exactly a surprise, given its critical success here on Den of Geek and elsewhere. Although the next Richard K. Morgan book in the series might be of too large a scale to be adapted the way the first Takeshi Kovacs novel was, there are plenty of other planets in the settled worlds for the series to explore if that's the direction Kalogridis chooses to go.

Alison Schapker will take over for Kalogridis as showrunner and executive producer of Altered Carbon, bringing her wealth of genre TV credibility to the series. Schapker has produced on sci-fi juggernauts like Lost and Fringe as well as other geek favorites such as Charmed, The Flash, Alias, and Almost Human. Other executive producers include James Middleton, Mary Ross, David Ellison, and Dana Goldberg.

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Thanks, scorpius074.

"After decades of planet-hopping and searching the galaxy, Kovacs finds himself recruited back to his home planet of Harlan’s World with the promise of finding Quell. [...] With the help of his loyal A.I. Poe (Chris Conner), Kovacs must now partner with new allies to outwit his enemies and find the truth: Who is Quellcrist Falconer?"

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I'm curious to learn how they've liberated Poe from the hotel... IIRC they said in season 1 that Poe is the hotel. smile