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Topic: Locke & Key [locked]

The latest Netflix short  series of 10 episodes


This screen adaptation of Joe Hill eponymous comics tells us about a widow Nina Locke and her three children. The Lockes Family moves from Seattle after the  fathers mysterious murder to the ancestral gothic home in the back of beyond,  Lovecraft city, Massachusetts.  One by one the children hear whispers that lead to the  discovery of magical keys ( the Key in the title , hence the pun)  that open doors to a fantastical world. Trouble is some one else not so innocent wants them.....When trying to solve the mysterious death of their father and exploring the power of marvelous artifacts, the youngsters release an ancient seductive but vicious beast. Now they will have to do everything in their power to survive.  All while carrying on living a normal life and going to school. The picture depicts one of the keys that allows people to enter the persons head/mind to have a look around ( not giving much away)

I  found this a quite enjoyable show - very much from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stable., another Netflix show.

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