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Ragnarok unfolds in the small fictional town of Edda in the middle of the vast and enthralling Norwegian countryside and is a modern day coming of age drama rooted in Norse mythology, set in a high school arena.

I'm inclined to think this might be another one I can watch with subtitles. What say you ?

7.6 on IMDb is fairly decent.


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its dubbed in English on Netflix right ?


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I'm enjoying this show.



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afrokiwi wrote:

its dubbed in English on Netflix right ?

Yeah, but Netflix also defaults to the original Norwegian audio with English captions. Norwegian captions are also included, along with German, Spanish, and French audio tracks.



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Watched the pilot and so far i like it, only the facial expressions of the main actor are a bit stiff, but besides that not bad.


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Thanks, kurschnextepisode, for that good thread starter. smile I was curious how that show would be rated, will check it out some day!

Also, https://forum.next-episode.net/viewtopic.php?id=9954 smile (Edit: nevermind, scorpius074 took care of it this time. cool)


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Man, by the end of Ep06 (actually sooner), I kept forgetting that I was reading subtitles and not actually hearing English. That's certainly a good sign of a quality story or production. Much like Money Heist - La Casa de Papel in Spanish, I could watch this for several seasons.


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Netflix has announced season 2 is coming


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and what will season 2 be? it seems that the story in that town is completed? nothing more to say? I wonder whether the bird flying at the end signaled a new place and presumably actors?


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returning soon May 28th? One I am looking forward to.


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I just watched the first episode of season 2, looks like it's going to be a good second season smile

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Tasviewer wrote:

I just watched the first episode of season 2, looks like it's going to be a good second season smile

I hope you are right. as I said before I felt that season 1 was a standalone series felt resolved in a good way. Some producers just see shows as money spinners and dont know when artistically its over eg the Arrowverse or some of the Marvel films. I find it hard to see how Ma giant can come back after being shamed or Pa giant survive Thors thunder bolt ( or even should). Any way great Nordic scenary

well I have now watched all 6 eps. It was better than I thought it going to be. The best bit was the last 10 mins or so of eps 6 which we had all been  waiting for.....


not this - oh by the way there was also a bit of god on giant sex as Thor does Saxa

I still think it was add-on season due presumably to the unexpected success of season 1.