Topic: Suggestions for changing the "Recent" and "My Shows" features

I really love the program and think Nikolai is a genius! I do have a few thoughts about the "Recent" and "My Shows" sections of the IOS app.

1. I'm confused by the design of the "Recent" section. It's really "Top Episodes" and not just recent ones, but also today and tomorrow. Also, I'm not interested in shows that I haven't added to "My Shows." The "What's Next" section makes more sense, on the other hand, since it's filtered to only upcoming show episodes from "My Shows." However, it has only upcoming episodes, not recently aired ones. What I really love is to have something like "Recent" but only for my shows, and I'd like it to have both recent past and upcoming episodes. Here's an idea: Rename "Recent" to "Top Episodes" and leave it just as it is. Then rename the "Recent" section to something like "My Feed" and add recently-aired and today's episodes of a person's shows. It would be perfect!

2. In My Shows, it would be nice if I could choose to see all of my shows, Active and Not Active, in a single sorted list. I often watch older shows and it doesn’t make logical sense to have them at the bottom in a separate list. I continually find myself scrolling down the list looking for a show in the alphabetical listing, only to remember that the show is Not Active and I have to keep scrolling. Perhaps a button for sorting options could handle this?

Keep up the good work and thanks!


Re: Suggestions for changing the "Recent" and "My Shows" features

1) Depending on a setting ("My Shows Only") in More/Settings, Recent shows you either only your shows or the top from all shows aired those days.

So yeah, just toggle on that setting and you'll see only your shows in there.

2) Maybe directly searching for the show (instead of scrolling for it) can be a workaround for this specific issue?


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Re: Suggestions for changing the "Recent" and "My Shows" features

Thanks for the tip on the first item, it satisfied my wish! And yes, I can try to retrain myself to search in My Shows. Thanks for the quick response.