91 Add To Watchlist Issue

by mightysleigher

92 Time conversion error

by urbanlabyrinth

93 "Special" episodes

by some_one

97 Forum login HTTPS

by some_one

98 Site Suggestion

by VideoBubby

99 Show tags in (iOS) app

by lowrider

100 lost all my shows

by nomad69

101 Closed: watchlist

by knash

103 Site Suggestion

by Jarvish247

105 Error loading forum pages

by some_one

106 Captchas (using VPN)

by selecta

111 Alphabetize articles

by ajbanal

112 Dark theme

by HARISH_007

114 wheres the tutorial??

by gehena

118 Discord and anime

by Black_Leader

119 Israeli TV series

by Jim70

120 The same show?

by lesmond